TBiQ+ Battery Charge Station


The Battery Charge Station has been tailored to the TRUBLUE iQ+ Battery Pack for optimal life expectancy. Multiple plug options are included, making it usable with a wide variety of outlets.

Use the Battery Charge Station to charge the TRUBLUE iQ+ Battery Pack until the LED on the Battery Charger turns green.

Charge Time:

  • 5 hours for 95% charge
  • 8 hours for 100% charge
  • Make sure the power supply is normal household voltage:

  • 120 V/240 V, AC Only, 50-60 Hz
  • Warnings:

    Only charge the TRUBLUE iQ+ Battery Pack with the TRUBLUE iQ+ Battery Charger. Attempts to charge other types of batteries may cause the batteries to burst, causing damage or personal injury.

  • Do not attempt to modify the Battery Charger or create accessories not recommended for use with the Battery Charger. Any alteration or modification is misuse and could result in a hazardous condition leading to possible serious personal injury.
  • Do not use the Battery Charger outdoors or expose to wet or damp conditions. Water entering the Battery Charger will increase the risk of electric shock.
  • Do not operate the Battery Charger with a damaged cord or plug.
  • Consult the TRUBLUE iQ+ Operator Manual (https://headrushtech.com/product-resources/product-manuals/) for more information.

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